How to Grow Taller Naturally – Do’s and Don’ts For Height Increase That You Cannot Afford to Miss

Anyone who is short feels the shortcoming in various areas like jobs, sports, personality etc. Aspiring to grow taller is a good thing for youngsters. This keeps them motivated to do the right things for height increase. You should not ignore this important aspect by always studying or working to earn a livelihood. Many people get engrossed in other activities to the extent that they even ignore important aspects of diet and nutrition.

Here are some important do’s and don’t that you need to keep in mind if you want to grow taller and increase height.


1) Remember that calcium is important for the growth and strength of your bones. Calcium gets used for various things by your body. Regular and continuous supply of calcium is required to keep the growth process on. Make sure that you do have extra calcium supplements to help in supply of calcium.

2) Absorption of calcium by your body improves with the aid of vitamin D and vitamin C. Make sure you have foods rich in these vitamins to help proper absorption of calcium. Alternately have Vitamin C and D supplements along with calcium supplements. This will help to grow taller properly.

3) Spread the intake of calcium and vitamin supplements across the day in order to improve absorption by the body.


4) Don’t take any kind of iron supplements with calcium supplements. Iron reduces the absorption of calcium.

5) Don’t take too much of aerated drinks. These drinks have high quantities of phosphorus that leads to calcium being thrown out of your body along with urine. This can cause stunted growth and retard the process of height increase.

6) Don’t consume alcohol immediately after taking food rich in minerals and vitamins or supplements. Alcohol reduces the efficacy of vitamins, minerals, drugs and supplements.

Following these tips will ensure you don’t commit commonsense mistakes that can prevent you from growing taller.

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