Saucha – Cleanliness in Yoga – Aspect I

In yoga, cleanliness is referred to as saucha, and is quite vital on the yoga path. I hope this post will help reveal the purpose for its importance.

Why saucha? Patanjali places saucha as the extremely 1st niyama, the initial phase towards self-exploration. Why would Patanjali give this considerably importance to cleanliness? Saucha is the basis of niyama, or particular willpower. The reason is electrical power. When the overall body is filthy, it is keeping onto earlier electrical power.

When apparel are soiled, they are keeping onto past energy. When the dwelling is filthy, it is also holding onto earlier strength. It truly is like a body weight that the dwelling caries. I’m guaranteed you’ve found that when you have just cleaned up the entire household, vacuumed it, cleared out the cobwebs, altered the sheets, then it feels lighter, it feels brighter, it feels more alive. That is mainly because you have eradicated a layer of the past. So, instructing learners to be thoroughly clean is instructing them to remove layers of the past and move into the current. To be cleaner is to develop into lighter, to develop into brighter, to shed a layer of yesterday and become far more present in the minute.

Also, saucha improves sensitivity-sensitivity to your possess physique scent and sensitivity to the adverse inner thoughts that dust brings. These gross sensitivities have to be cultivated for the later limbs of yoga which require serious sensitivity.

Typically we hear the argument that we really should not be obsessed with filth, because filth is God as nicely. Despite the fact that obsession for everything is unyogic and dirt, of course, has God in it, every thing in the universe has its area. We would not check out to wash our bodies with cow dung, even nevertheless cow dung is God, because our skin is not the appropriate place for cow dung to be. In the exact way, the proper position for dust is not in the home or on the physique.

Very first will come cleanliness of the physical human body. That is, getting a shower, building certain the physique does not have an odor. No filth less than the nails. Clear hair. It all starts off with the body. Variety one particular is entire body. Selection two is clothes–that which touches the physique. Not applying the exact garments twice if they have been worn for any length of time. Washing dresses constantly. Making use of clean towels to wipe the body following a shower.

Then will come that which the physique and the garments are in, which are the residence and the car or truck. One particular of the components of a clean dwelling is not carrying footwear inside it. The motive for this is to maintain the sanctity of the property. Shoes convey the electrical power of the outer planet into our dwelling. An additional element of a cleanse house is to rinse our palms instantly on coming into the dwelling to obvious the electricity of the outer entire world. Accomplishing these two factors, you will uncover that the residence starts to make its very own electrical power–which is a reflection of your cleaner power–fairly than remaining a dilution of the energies of the outer entire world. Or else these energies of the outer earth flow in and out, therefore diluting your very own electrical power when you are in the property.

Aadil Palkhivala©2008

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