Tantric Male Sexual Power – Understanding Historical Occult Sexual Teachings Using Fashionable Revelations

“Sexual strength” is a person of the most significant energies men and women have. This is based mostly on Tantra and other teachings. Undoubtedly, these kinds of energies can be imagined to exist in our minds nevertheless, what variety of modern “scientific” explanations might we be equipped to use to assistance establish this “vitality” and its value?

Let us appear at the composition of sperm and seminal fluid. These unique substances, when seemingly easy to make (as they are developed continually in the male) are some of the most complicated substances for the physique to essentially manufacture. Aside from its “spiritual” presence, the human entire body is a large chemical engineering plant. Food items stuffs enter this facility, moreover oxygen and liquids, and our system converts these raw supplies into substances that enable the human body to endure and properly reproduce and purpose.

Production, for the human male, these substances excreted in the course of orgasm with accompanying ejaculation, deprives the body of these substances and their valuable components. As was outlined before, these substances are very expensive and tough for your body to produce. Some estimate that to manufacture a teaspoon of seminal fluid works by using more strength and substances, by the physique, than to make what is needed to manufacture ten liters of blood. This is barely astonishing when we understand that cerbro-spinal fluid is made up of equivalent chemical aspects as seminal fluid. Cerebro-spinal fluid is the compound which feeds your mind and spinal cord. It also delivers a cushion for the mind (inside the bony cranium) and the spinal cord (inside the bony vertebrae).

Once we understand that these male orgasmic fluids have unique and much-necessary elements and that it can take an enormous quantity of electricity to develop/replace such substances, this assists us recognize a very little little bit about the significance of these ejaculated substances.

This is why, in specific Tantra practices, it is ill-recommended for the male to squander this kind of substances. In Tantra we discover about recycling sexual electrical power and using this sexual energy with orgasm without the decline of these valuable and treasured physique commodities by way of ejaculation (orgasm without ejaculation).

Sperm, too, are a lot smarter than we give them credit history for. Scientists are now comprehending that sperm truly are fairly smart small critters who are completely ready for the struggle of their life. What does this indicate? It means that if one particular man’s sperm is ejaculated inside of a woman’s vagina that has sperm from another man (that has a short while ago been deposited), that the two tribes of sperm will go to war with every other. Sperm are so clever that they type blockades and formations to end the other man’s sperm from reaching the egg. They will also assault and eliminate enemy sperm with fatal enzymes. It is really certainly survival of the fittest and the guy with the strongest sperm will acquire.

Present day science has uncovered to us that sperm are a small extra than just a microscopic entity in a man’s ejaculate. They believe. They know. They are alive. They are Clever. They are an extension of our “total” getting and existence. Without a doubt, this plainly implies that there is a strong and powerful electricity that resides within just them and that they are an integral aspect of this electricity an energy that is our very own and taps into the existence-drive of all dwelling issues. Fortunate for us, this strength is the primordial foundation of our overall existence it is the most primal type of electrical power that male can easily recognize and exploit (if preferred). And why not? It is the genomic cornerstone and harbinger of what we will be and are.

Have to have we even go into the point that the sperm in a man’s ejaculate is the precursor for producing existence (with the female egg, of program)? True existence. You know, the kind of existence that the most amazing scientists in the entire world are not able to develop, from scratch, in a laboratory or take a look at tube. Sperm are infused with an vitality and lifetime-pressure that is a immediate url to the God-pressure of Mother nature.

Is it the sperm, by itself, who have these strength? Not completely. This “vitality” is also embedded in the seminal-fluid composite. The seminal fluid is a reductive-patterned point out of our etheric: A spermal etheric. The seminal fluid is the protective and comforting amniotic fluid of the sperm. Devoid of it, the acidity of the vagina would be so rigorous that it would eliminate these sperm it assists insulate the sperm versus thermal threats in/from the vagina it lets the sperm a makeshift ecosystem/environment in which to endure while in the vagina and this fluid also supplies meals and nutrition for the sperm. With out all of these points, the sperm will perish quickly after entering the vagina and fertilization will not manifest.

The losing of a man’s ejaculate has been criticized and condemned by many “groups” over the years. It really is no speculate, as this fluid is certainly priceless to the human body. Could there be even additional proof to back this up, aside from some philosophical and religious teachings?

The response is: “Of course.” Unless a female irrigates her vagina just after a male has ejaculated inside of her, these fluids (if they do not “leak” out) will be absorbed by her [body]. The finest process of absorption is to drop asleep straight just after sex. With no the presence of an axial-gravity-defined power, these substances will be trapped within of her. These fluids really have an opiate affect on females and women, think it or not, can essentially turn out to be addicted and reliant upon their affect. These fluids have proven to minimize pain, lower the frequency and depth of menstrual cramps, reduce the depth and frequency of head aches, lessen the size and degree of insomnia, and to support give her a feeling of heat and leisure. Gals who have been under the serious impact of ejaculate, from vaginal absorption, will negatively answer if these resources are removed and her entry to this sort of resources is even further prevented.

Obviously this exhibits that even a man’s sexual associate can put these fluids to fantastic use. These objects are so valuable to the woman lover, even if she isn’t going to employ them for fertilization applications, that she absorbs them (and their vitamins and minerals) mainly because of their capacity to make her experience stronger, happier, and physically more healthy.

Observe, far too, that sperm that are not ejaculated by the male — as soon as they die — will be re-absorbed (in a natural way) by his have body for breakdown and [their elements] will be utilised for future sperm production or use(s) in supporting other bodily capabilities and/or the manufacture of other chemical compounds the physique wants.

Surely, this makes one particular wonder if seminal fluid is as excellent as it appears…

Well, sure: This fluid incorporates the “lifestyle pressure,” is loaded with flourishing and clever sperm, is an particularly useful commodity (from a raw material level-of-watch), its squander robs the nervous technique of a lot wanted and valued nutrients, it will take monumental amounts of vitality for the system to manufacture these substances, and will even be absorbed by the feminine partner for non-public use rather of being discharged from her system as ineffective waste.

But, wait around, there is certainly a lot more: Scientific reports have proven that women are more attracted to males with a bigger high quality and amount of sperm. These are guys the examination topics have never fulfilled, touched, smelt, witnessed bare, had sexual intercourse with, or have even read their voices. Amazingly sufficient, nutritious sperm emit an electrical power that women of all ages, equally innately and unconsciously, are drawn to. But not only does this “magnetism” engage in a part, but may well also influence no matter whether she finds a distinct male husband or wife attractive or not.

Tantric research teaches us to respect and value these amazing sexual fluids. This is why a gentleman takes advantage of Tantric sex to recycle interior sexual energies to preserve this energy for inside-own use and not squander it as a result of ejaculation. Even so, when the time is ideal to share these energies, with the proper companion, he gladly gives his strength to her. In return, she completes the equilibrium and offers her electrical power to him.

So, just as is depicted with the architectural reliefs at the Khajuraho Tantric temples in India, we recognize several different types of sexuality that had been purposely depicted to eternally remind the long term of the past so that this sort of beliefs and teachings would in no way be dropped. Of all those Tantric types of sexuality that are so indelibly displayed, to share and preserve, was the act of autofellatio and autocunnilingus.

Very good luck in checking out your Sexual Strength.

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