Degree 4 Gymnastics Beam Program Needs

Gymnastic beam is a person of two situations in gymnastics that are timed. A stage 4 gymnastics beam program time restrict is 50 seconds. If a gymnast goes over her time she will get a .10 deduction from her beam score. Dependent on the height of the beam and gymnast, a mat or spring board might be desired to mount the gymnastics beam. This is allowed as prolonged as the further mounting surface area is taken out as shortly as the gymnast mounts. If it is not eradicated the gymnast will acquire a deduction from her beam rating.


*Leg Swing Mount-Have to transform 180 degrees in a ongoing motion ending in a straddle sit with appropriate overall body placement

*V-Sit to Tuck Stand-need to sustain a straight and hollow human body situation until eventually each feet are higher than the beam. The moment legs are above the beam pull them in to land in a tuck stand.

*Recover Snap Switch-When stepping in coupe you need to stay on toe until foot comes subsequent to ankle. After the foot arrives at ankle go flat then rise in releve to accomplish a heal snap turn. At the time the convert is finished, immediately fall to a flat foot and pause.

*Leap-leg separation on the leap will have to be a bare minimum of 60 degrees. Need to retain straight legs and pointed toes during the leap and land in a lower, paused, arabesque situation

*Handstand-Handstand ought to be 3 forths least. Be guaranteed to lever in and out of the handstand though stretching out physique and closing legs at the major. Palms need to be aspect by side whilst in the handstand they are unable to be staged.

*Half Turn-Ought to comprehensive a 180 degree switch on toe exhibit command just before stepping out to end.

*Straight Soar (Extend Soar)-Drive by means of toes to get fantastic height although maintain a straight system and close feet jointly for the duration of the bounce.

*Tuck Soar-Tuck need to be a minimum amount of 90 levels. Tuck must be restricted and rapid and ought to open just before landing back on the beam

*Arabesque- Back leg must elevate at the rear of at a minimum amount of 45 degrees and ought to be held for at least 1 2nd.

*Scale- Back again leg must carry a bare minimum of 90 degrees and be held for at least 2 seconds. The Gymnast will have to hold the two legs locked out and chest up while undertaking equally the scale and arabesque.

*Pivot Change-Stay in complete releve while completing a sharp and limited 180 degree turn.

*Dismount- Need to preserve a straight limited system though accomplishing a cartwheel to side handstand. After at the leading legs much contact with each other and be held for a bare minimum of 1 next. Right after staying held, do a quarter switch dismount. Entire body should really continue to be straight from start off to complete.

Gymnastics beam is all about stability. Make certain your regime is not lacking in connections and/or rhythm. Each individual gymnastics ability needs to direct into the subsequent with grace and aggressiveness.

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