Risks of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is individual path of yoga, which among other items can provide a seeker huge occult ability. Kundalini yoga seeks to open up the diverse charkas or electrical power centers. If an aspirant is effective he will be capable to have obtain to these yogic powers.

The 1st danger of awakening the Kundalini powers is that they can be simply misused. If we open up our third eye it is feasible to go through other folks feelings and have a glimpse into the foreseeable future. Nevertheless this electricity can be effortlessly misused, we may perhaps start off to glance at what people are imagining about, somewhat than utilizing it for divine purposes we will use it for our individual egoist takes advantage of. If we do not have purity and legitimate aspiration, getting occult powers, might just give us a tremendous sense of pride. We would take pleasure in displaying off to other men and women. By performing this we do not acquire any divine traits of peace and inner contentment. When we feed the moi we develop into happy and this can simply direct to our downfall.

With Kundalini powers we might get distracted from our most significant endeavor of self-realisation. Outer miracles and occult powers, which come from Kundalini yoga, do not aid in in any case in our religious route of self-discovery. To reach lasting peace, pleasure and interior joy we need to conquer the ego and discover to converse with God, our individual soul. If we only need occult powers it will slowdown and perhaps hamper our non secular growth. For a actual spiritual Master who has realised the best consciousness the Kundalini powers normally occur spontaneously. Nevertheless they not often use them outwardly simply because they know they have tiny capability to effect the transformation of man’s character. To inspire aspirants to pursue a more spiritual existence what is wanted is internal spiritual realisation and not outer demonstrates of miraculous powers.

As Sri Chinmoy claims:

“Even if we use Kundalini powers for the correct function, we will not be equipped to supply infinite Peace, infinite Bliss, infinite Mild that way. No matter how many miracles we demonstrate, the particular person who sees them will be pleased for only five minutes and then he will be jealous for the reason that he does not have this electrical power.”

There is a hazard in Kundalini yoga we will waste our time. There is a good common Indian story, which helps illustrate this point. There had been 2 brothers who have been working towards the spiritual lifestyle. One brother decided he would go absent to apply severe austerities so he may be equipped to gain his Kundalini powers. Following 12 many years of powerful practice he came back to his village. He wanted to clearly show his brother his freshly acquired powers so he walked throughout the drinking water on a river. His brother simply just compensated a boatman 1 rupee and joined his brother on the other facet. On getting to the other lender the brother said. “Why have you wasted 12 yrs to do a thing which I can do for just 1 rupee.?” The other brother realised he experienced been silly and not manufactured any serious non secular progress in looking for following occult powers.

To practice kundalini yoga we have to have to have purity in our thoughts and critical. If we continue to cherish worldly ideas and try to open up our energy centers it will lead to large confusion and our attempts will be squandered, as our vitality will be directed downwards somewhat than upwards. If we truly want to observe Kundalini yoga the finest tactic is to meditate and focus on the heart. It is in the heart the place we will really feel purity in considerable measure. Sri Chinmoy suggests:

“If you desire to stick to the path of kundalini, my humble information to you is to 1st check out to awaken the coronary heart middle. The heart heart is noticeably pure. The important or disturbing thoughts will be purified by the opening of this middle.”

We must also observe the path of Kundalini yoga below the steering of a competent religious trainer. When studying Kundalini yoga we must sustain an attitude of legitimate sincerity and reverence.

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