Alpha Brain Waves – The Genuine Key to Binaural Beats Meditation

There is a top secret approach that delivers you the prospect to expertise sharper target, clearer wondering and less psychological upheaval. You will find far more joy, far more adore, and the independence from fear. By examining each individual phrase of this posting you will find out about a innovative new discovery that could give […]

10 Causes Why Dancing is Great For You

There are so several motives why dancing is great for you, it really is tricky to know exactly where to start. It truly is fantastic entertaining and very good for the human body as very well as the intellect. Besides currently being a great sort of work out and getting a really positive impression on […]

Brain GYM and Reading

My day began with taking a class on Brain Gym 101, led by Mari Miyoshi. She is such a delight! Brain Gym is this self-improvement technique discovered by Dr. Paul Dennison. It caught my attention because Dennison worked as a public school teacher and reading specialist in the 1960s, researching more effective ways to help […]